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Individual and couples counselling based in

Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire.



Are you struggling with the challenges of everyday life?

Are you battling daily anxiety, spending too much time overthinking or fighting a low mood or depression?

If you find yourself losing your temper at the smallest things or feeling constantly under pressure I might be able to help.

It can be scary facing a problem or trying to change things but ignoring the issue will not make it go away. 


Many of my clients come to me struggling to manage their mood, finding life exhausting and feeling completely lost. After only a few sessions most people notice that things are starting to improve.

Based in the Old Police Station on Water Street in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, my office is conveniently located for easy access of the surrounding areas, with plenty of nearby parking. Sessions are available throughout the week including evenings and some weekends and I am also able to offer home visits where appropriate.

If you feel I might be able to provide you or somebody you care about with support or advice please do not hesitate to get in touch. I offer FREE, no obligation telephone consultations to discuss how counselling can help.

I do not believe I am the expert in your life, I believe you are.




Our first appointment is usually spent getting to know one another. This include talking about what's brought you to counselling and what you want to change.  

I provide a relaxed, comfortable and confidential environment that allows you to process your thoughts, feelings and ideas in a non-judgemental and safe space.

Sessions last for 50 minutes and in order for a client to receive the greatest benefit from counselling, it is recommended that sessions are undertaken on a regular basis but how many sessions will be different from person to person and issue to issue.

50 mins: £40.00


On average it take couples six years to access therapy so I appreciate that this is a really difficult decision to make.

The aim of couples counselling is to resolve conflict by improving communication, promoting respect and regaining trust. 


Each person will have an equal amount of time to express their thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the situation. My role is to remain neutral, not take sides and ensure that the session is safe and respectful for everyone involved.


Couples sessions last for 60 minutes, are confidential and must be undertaken with the intention of being honest and committed to the process.

1 hr: £60.00


I am currently able to offer counselling with my retired Greyhound, Leigh.

Animal-assisted therapy can provide an alternative form of counselling for clients who find one on one sessions too difficult to engage with.

The presence of a dog in the room can help calm a client. They can generate change by improving communication, providing comfort and support and having contact with an animal, it also impacts us physiologically  i.e. decreases blood pressure, increases oxytocin (the happy drug in our brain), reduces anxiety and encourages participation.

50 mins: £50.00